Jamin Carter

Jamin is a visual artist and art educator. He holds a BFA in Sculpture and Painting and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in visual art education.

As an educator, he has experience teaching in K-12 classrooms and taught studio art and AP art history in a public high school. He spent five years working as an art educator in three diverse Title I schools, ranging from grades K-8. Additionally, he has worked as a mentor in elementary and middle school art classrooms, modeling skills and techniques that utilize arts integration as well as other unique approaches to art education.

As an artist, Jamin has worked in various mediums such as oil painting, sculpture, and brush with ink. He currently has a studio in Memphis where he has exhibited work and served as a consultant for public art works with the Urban Arts Commission and Vita Brevis.

Jamin leads:
Foundational Workshops
Visual Art Series
One-Minute Challenge Workshop