Teaching Teachers

Planning and Presenting Effective Teacher Workshops


This three-day Seminar focuses on both planning and presenting effective teacher workshops.

Planning:Participants identify core strategies from their work with students that can be transferred to teachers, develop a clear understanding of what teachers want and need from professional learning, and identify the characteristics of effective workshops. They begin to develop a written plan that outlines the content and structure for their own workshops for teachers.

Presenting: Participants examine workshop components, carefully deconstruct and reshape each from a presentation perspective, and develop their presentation and communication skills to maximize teacher involvement and learning. They begin to develop a comprehensive presentation plan for their own workshop.

Arts Coaching: A Personalized Approach to Teachers’Professional Learning

This one-day Seminar is designed for teaching artists that are experienced in leading professional learning workshop for teachers. It explores the what, why, and how of coaching as a way to work one-to-one with teachers to support them as they apply new arts integration strategies in the classroom.

Focus 5, Inc 2020