Teaching Students

Mapping the Journey:
Planning Eff
ective Residencies for Students

This two-day Seminar is designed to help teaching artists develop their skills in planning arts-integrated residencies for students. The Seminar’s work guides participants to create a Residency Plan, a detailed document describing various aspects of their residency.


Anatomy of a Lesson:
Designing Instruction

This one-day Seminar examines the impact of lesson design on teaching effectiveness and student learning. In this Seminar, teaching artists identify the components of effective lessons, see them reflected in a lesson template, and apply their new understandings to plans for their own teaching. Participants examine the steps of their own instruction to plan ways to better facilitate student learning.

Classroom Management for Teaching Artists


This one-day Seminar explores classroom management from a teaching artist's perspective. What is the current in the field of thinking classroom management and how does it apply to the unique set of circumstances a teaching artist faces in the classroom? Participants explore strategies for managing behavior and preventing problems during the creative process to help students focus and participate meaningfully.

Focus 5, Inc 2020