President Obama

March 14, 2011 was an exciting day at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, VA. President Obama came to school and saw what probably was, his first tableau!

Kenmore is part of the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts Program and receives ongoing professional development in arts integrated strategies. President Obama selected Kenmore as the site where he would give a speech about fixing the No Child Left Behind act and encourage schools to use more innovative teaching strategies. Teacher Laura Cuorato has participated in my tableau course and I have arts coached her for several years. She has also participated in Melanie’s Visual Art and Writing course. This year, Laura participated in our Pen, Painting, and Pose course which brought the course work of the two previous courses together. Her class was creating a tableau based on a portrait of Duke Ellington.

Congratulations to Laura, her students, and Kenmore Middle for making the work we do so visible. Next time, we will try to get the president to join in!!!

Focus 5, Inc 2016