Making the Work Visible

Imagine my surprise and excitement today when I went into the 3rd grade classroom of Judy Schwanbeck at Abingdon Elementary in Arlington, Virginia and see the three qualities we are striving for: Calm, Focused, and Balanced literally plastered on her wall!! Beautiful!

Abingdon Elementary is one of the participating schools in the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts program and Judy is in her second year of arts coaching. At the end of last year we were talking about visual cues for the students and we envisioned the words, Calm, Focused, and Balanced in big letters somewhere in the room where students would constantly be reminded of the qualities. Kudos to Judy for turning talk into action and doing it with such style! The words are not painted on the wall but are actually stickers that can be removed.

She ordered them from a company called:

Focus 5, Inc 2016